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  • Information about St Stephen's Events for Children and Young People. inluding a Scruffy Church Zoom link
  • Information about Confirmation Autumn 2022

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Young people at st stephen's

Young people at st stephen's

At St Stephen's we value our young people of all ages deeply, and it is our goal to provide safe and encouraging spaces for them to grow and interact together. The In-Church Service now provides "Hang- Out" during term time; an opportunity for children and young people to hang-out together in St Stephen's Centre, with games, creativity, chat and refreshment centred around the readings of the day.

Hangout relaunched from scratch after the pandemic and is still in its infancy. Currently there's one group for all ages, but the group is growing. Groups for different ages will be added in due course. Children return to the Service to join their families in time for the Eucharist.

Our dedicated team of youth leaders are fully DRB (formerly referred to as CRB) checked and look forward to welcoming you and your family at our 10:45 Sunday services.​​​​​​​

If you have not watched this already you will also  like the highly popular Scruffy TV Series for all the family at:  

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Confirmation Autumn 2022

Confirmation Classes will be held beginning 5th September 2022 to prepare some of our young people for Confirmation at Wells Cathedral on 5th November 2022.. If you're interested in confirmation contact our Curate Andrew:


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