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Young people at st stephen's

Young people at st stephen's

At St Stephen's we value our young people of all ages deeply, and it is our goal to provide safe and encouraging spaces for them to grow and interact together. 

During this time of Corona we are seeking to provide online resources for regular download for children to use in the Sunday Morning Services in Church or at home.  You will need to print off the sheets to be uploaded here on a weekly basis and use your own pens, pencils and other resouces as needed. 

Click on the Green Bars below to open and download the ROOTS materials for use with your children during the Sunday Morning Service or at home.  Please bookmark this page for future usage as the materials for the following Sunday will generally be uploaded on the previous Wednesday, and the previous week's deleted,   As noted above you will need to bring your own pens and pencils for use and take them home with you again.

If you have not watched this already you will like the highly popular Scruffy TV Series for all the family at: 

Philip is also hoping to be able to provide a monthly video for families, which will feature here.  Watch this space!​​​​​​​

ROOTS:  Do, Make, Pray Suggestions for Activities for 25/10/20

Download here

ROOTS CHILDREN'S Activities SHEET for Sunday 25th October

Download here

Roots Children's Colouring Sheet for Sunday 25th October

Download here

Sunday mornings when possible

Treasure Groups

Before the time of Corona, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month we have had what we call Treasure groups, and it is hoped to reinstate these sessions as soon as possible. Jewels is our group for those aged below 8 years old. Feast is our group for those aged 8 years and older. These groups are run by a wonderful team of committed volunteers who put countless hours into planning each session to help ensure that every child has a great time and stays safe. Our young people will leave the service part way through to go to their respective groups and usually return to the service to share in the Eucharist with the rest of the Church. 

Treasure Groups

throughout the week when possible

Friday nights before the time of Corona have been reserved for Northside, a fun and interactive youth group for those in school years 7 to 9, and it is intended to reinstate this as soon as possible. When possible there will be fun, games and a tuck shop, whilst encouraging young people to engage in games of their own devising. The fantastic outdoor space, building and facilities at St Stephen's mean that the young people will never be short of something to do and explore. We also have a grand piano, snooker table, table tennis, football table and board games available. 


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