Mothers visit Universities!

Mothers' Union members and helpers from St Stephen's and other Bath churches visited both University Fresher events in September.

Bath SPA University Freshers Fair

Bath SPA University Freshers Fair

On a glorious early autumn day two groups of Bath Churches' Mothers' Union members and helpers manned a stall at this Fair. A very popular event, as in previous years, with both new and returning students many of whom were happy to take a Cook Book and even a piece of flapjack! In all no lesss than 600 copies were handed out! 

This happy and relaxed atmosphere yielded the occasional chance to talk, in spite of the crowds, about the courses they were starting, and one person confided that sadly she was coping with the loss of her own mother the previous year.   

Even Domino's, handing out pizza, wanted a slice of the MU action and took a Cook Book!

Bath University freshers fair

Bath University freshers fair

Later in the week this same event was repeated at Bath University, where a similar number of Cook Books were taken, again very gratefully by those starting out away from home for the first time.

It was a privilege to share time with these young people, full of eager anticipation at the start of their University careers, and hopefully to have reminded them in a simple way of a mother's love and its reflection of God's love for them.

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Jesus reminds us of his loving desire to protect his children in the New Testament: Matthew 23:37
Posted: 1st October 2018
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