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 Easter Thank Yous

A big thank you to all who have worked so hard to make Easter the hopeful time it has been. Cleaners, preparers, flower arrangers, clearers up, readers, prayers, organisers, polishers, makers, welcomers and attenders. Resurrection happens in community, and I’m so thankful for ours.

Community Houses of Prayer (CHOP)

These groups meet once a month on a Tuesday at 19:45.  Meetings take place within the various Bath communities to pray for Bath and the area represented.  The event is organised by Bath Christian Action Network and more information is available on www.bathchurches.org.uk  Please scroll down to see the link to a poster below for full details of venue and dates.


Popcorn is St Stephen’s new monthly film night for young people of secondary school age. Meeting on the first Sunday of the month 6.30-9:00 pm St Stephen's Church foyer. Bring a snack to share. email youth@ststephensbath.org.uk for more information

Parochial Church Council Membership

PCCs are being elected at both churches. They are a fantastic way of helping to maintain and shape our churches in all aspects of our being. At BVM we need a secretary. Please chat to Debbie or Philip if you’d like to know more. Thank you.

Climate Change

B&NES council has declared a climate emergency and has voted to make our city carbon neutral by 2030. We will pray how our churches can support this.

Please pray for

Please pray for the chaplaincies of Debbie at Send-a-Cow, and Philip for the Mayor of Bath, Cllr Patrick, this year.

Jane Hoe 

Jane Hoe has been passed by Bishop Ruth and has her ordination selection conference over the weekend of 8th July. Please pray for her, Brent, Ellen and Molly, in all its enormity.

Prayer is the foundation of being church. St Stephen’s Mondays 8.45am, Saturday 9.30-10am. St Mary’s 8.10am and 9am Tuesdays, and meditation 6.45pm Wednesdays. Prayer is the foundation of being church. St Stephen’s Mondays 8.45am, Saturday 9.30-10am. St Mary’s 8.10am and 9am Tuesdays, and meditation 6.45pm Wednesdays.

Lansdown Friendship Club

This is taking place at St Stephen's Centre on the first Friday every month starting on Fri 3rd May, 2pm – 3.30pm, and is especially suited for anyone experiencing memory difficulties. All welcome with an accompanying family, friend or carer. lansdownfc@ststephensbath.org.uk.


FACE started as a playground chat and quickly grew into a group of people with a real concern about climate change. We have been lobbying B&NES councillors / local MP over the last 6 months to declare a climate emergency and commit to being carbon neutral by 2030. Our petition got over 2,200 signatures and we had various people speak at the council meetings in Feb/Mar, one of whom was Phillip (and you can see his fab speech on our facebook page - see link below). B&NES passed the climate emergency motion in March (following the example of many other councils around the UK). We are now in regular contact with the Sustainability Officer at the council who is responsible for working out how B&NES can reduce carbon emissions to net zero in the next 11 years (by 2030).

FACE meets monthly and is always happy to meet new people who are keen to take action / have similar concerns. We plan to keep the pressure on councillors / our MP and to hold various 'events' to help spread awareness of the climate emergency we are facing / the small actions we can all take to help reduce carbon emissions. We have a facebook page which details upcoming FACE events (Big Green Day at St Stephens Church on Monday 6th May, for one) and we will be starting a FACE newsletter. 


Scroll down to find link to 7 Small Actions we can all take!

BIG GREEN Day at St Stephen's Church Gardens

Big Green Day on Monday 6th May 2pm – 5pm in and around SS Church garden and foyer - Community groups showcase. Children’s activities, live music, Gardeners’s Question Time, plants and seed exchange, installation of new mosaic, greetings cards, children’s artwork, 9-pin bowls, floral decorations, tea and homemade cakes. You can help by making cakes, serving refreshments, setting up/clearing tables, plant and seed donations, or distributing leaflets. A small cash donation would be welcome.  By the way, the tulips flowering their socks off on the steps are called ‘Dutch Old Masters’. We need raffle prizes, please get in touch with Di Ashby: dillament@gmail.com; ; or Christian Duckworth: c.duckworth@rhsb.gdst.net

Gardening Dates and Preparation for Big Green Day

The date of 27th April is when we need all hands on deck to prepare for the Big Green Day!  Please do come and join the team effort to make sure the gardens are looking their very best.

Later dates are: 25th May, 29th June, 27th July (judging usually takes place in July so it's an important date!) , 31st August and 28th September.  Depending on the weather dates in October & November will also be notified later.

Welcome plants, money donations, memorial benches etc please. See Poster and link to further information about this event below.

Dementia Action Alliance (DAA)

DAA TREASURE HUNT 14 May 2019. How well do you know Bath? Here’s your chance to find out, and at the same time support B&NES Dementia Action Alliance in our efforts to make life easier for people with dementia and their carers - see website https://www.dementiafriendlybath.org

 Make up a team (not more than 6 people) and spend an hour and a half following clues to take you from the Pump Rooms to St John’s RC church in South Parade. Then compare notes with other teams over light refreshments, and maybe win a modest prize. Teams start outside the Pump Rooms at 4 minute intervals from 6.00 to 6.36, so there’s room for 10 teams in all. £7 a head (£5 under 18s). mikerenton1@btinternet.com or phone 01225 317991.

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Bath Community Houses of Prayer

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7 Small Actions against Climate Change (FACE)

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Debbie's Sermon of 17th March: feeling threatened

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Philip's sermon of 24th March: justice and the fig tree

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Philip's Sermon on Justice and the Fig Tree: 24th March 2019

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