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arrangements for young people 
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Young People

current weekly services
Please note weekly services together with liturgy, are now to be found on the services page of this website (Link Below),   Scroll down For all your weekly recuring Zoom links Below.  


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Blog: Climate Change Challenge 2021

Link to the "Live the Word" Articles
Series on Prayer started on Jan 31

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church news

church news


 We have reopened our Church at Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church, from 23rd May for our service at 10:45, and in-church services continue at 10:45 weekly on Sundays.  The Church is open for individual prayer on Sundays after the Service until 4:00 pm. We continue to offer an online service each week as well which features on our YouTube channel and on our Services page, to premiere from 9:00 am each Sunday. 

Philip's E-alert of 29th June was about the taking of wine at Communion, using espresso cups donated by The Artery and available in the Foyer and at the Altar for you to take and use to collect your wine to drink when seated.  You are now encouraged, from 5th September onwards, to bring your own glass or cup from home, whatever you feel comfortable with,  and take it to wash afterwards.  Cardboard cups from the Artery will still be available in Church however.

Please also note that hymn singing is now happening for those who wish to participate - you will need to sit near  the front of the Church!

See below Philip's News about the forthcoming All Souls Service, and a NEW COURSE 

Stewardship Giving​​​​​​​

St Stephen's now has a Stewardship Giving page on  Thank you for your support for the church with a regular or one-off gift at this time.  See the green tab below:​​​​​​​ Link

benefice E-Alert from philip - 15th october - News below of forthcoming service for all souls, And a new course "lIVING IN lOVE AND fAITH"

In St Stephen's on Monday 1st November at 7pm we are having our annual All Souls service, THOSE WE LOVE BUT SEE NO LONGER. During the quiet and reflective service we will read the names of all for whom we have conducted funerals, interments or memorials this year. There will also be a Book of Remembrance at the entrance to the church in which you can write the names of those you'd like read out, too. You will have the chance to light a candle, and there will be space to remember. Do tell others you know, all are welcome. We are still observing Covid caution, so please bring a mask.

On November Wednesdays at 7.30pm in St Stephen's (and the first in December) we are running the course illustrated above, 'Living in Love and Faith'. The Archbishops have asked all churches in England to run it in order that we may feed back our thoughts and reflections to them via Deanery, Diocesan and General Synod (the church's 'parliament'). We shall be joined by folk from St Swithin's, Bathford, St Michael's Within and Langridge.

It is an important course and I urge you to attend. (There will be a Zoom one in the new year.) As you know, the current position of the Church of England is to uphold the traditional view that same sex attraction is permitted, but relationships and marriage are not allowed. Nor is it possible for a same sex couple to have their partnership or marriage blessed in a church. Many churches will not allow ss couples to hold positions of responsibility within the life and worship of the church, and some make it difficult for them to be members at all. Such churches hold that the Bible is clear on the matter, and that Scripture is the most important source of teaching on morality and ethics for Christians.

The Bath clergy (Bath Deanery) are currently engaged in discussions, and views and feelings are split roughly down the middle.

We are Inclusive Churches, and so our clergy team agree with the half of Deanery that have a more inclusive view. (I know that not everyone in our benefice agrees with that, but are content to be a part of our churches and differ on this matter.) We hold the Anglican principle that Scripture needs to be balanced with tradition and experience/reason. Even so, we feel that the Scriptural passages in question, read in context, are not at all clear.

For me, this is not about polarising argument, nor about trying to persuade people to come on to one side or the other. It's about unity and generosity. I utterly respect all my clergy colleagues and their right to read Scripture and come to different conclusion from mine. I have begun conversations with them where we can explain our thoughts and views and listen openly to the other.

What I would like is for both positions to be allowed under the aegis of the CofE, as is the case with women priests/bishops. That the more traditional and conservative churches can continue as they are, but there is also the provision for same sex couples to receive God's blessing and be able to use their gifts and talents within the church, to play a full part in the life and worship of their church families. And for us to stay united at all costs.

The course is designed to be able to hear all views, and to discuss them with one another. There are many films in which we can hear the experiences and views of a wide range of folk in the spectrum of ideas and lifestyles. It enables us to have more informed local conversations in order to play our part in the diocesan and national ones.

There is information here:

As ever, do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Blessings, and love -


Debbie's E-Alert of 16th October about the Anti-Slavery Clewer Initiative

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Gardening News -  Arrangements for april 2021 onwards

Gardening News -  Arrangements for april 2021 onwards

We will meet next at St Stephen's Gardens on Saturday 23rd October from 10:00 to 12:00 am .

Sadly we do not feel able to enter any local or national competitions this year but will still work hard to ensure that the gardens are the best they can be for the Church and the local community.

If you would like to carry out some much needed gardening tasks at the Church on any forthcoming Saturday morning please contact Mary Greenwood (Warden) at   Any heip you can offer, including donations and/or plants, is much appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Photo taken by Vivien in St Stephen's Gardens in July

RHS Certificate of Recognition 2020

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St Stephen's Social media

St Stephen's Social media

​​​​​St Stephen's Church is now part of the Benefice Twitter Account, St MandStSBath, which you can access and follow via the link in the green tab below. 

twitter link

"Do not be afraid" composed by Philip Stopford 
sung by the choir of St Stephen's Church bath conducted by andrew Russell director of music

"CHRIST BE NEAR" Music composed by andrew russell

Please download in order to hear in full

Download Christ be Near -mp3-rev0001.mp3

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