Beauty in Lockdown: APRIL 2020

The weeks of Lockdown herald the beauty of Spring

                                                                 beauty in lockdown

The above photo of a primrose in St Stephen's Woodland was taken by Sophia in early April this year

 Brother Richard Hendrick, a priest-friar of the Capuchin Franciscan Province in Ireland, writes about the pain and the beauty of Lockdown, and hope for  the future.  Truly a poem for our times!

Poem by Brother Richard Hendrick from Ireland

read here

the abundance of the natural world this spring

Our lives have come almost to a standstill but we see and hear all around us how the natural world is continuing  in its seasonal development. John and Mary, Sophia and Vivien have contributed these lovely photos of the Church Gardens and Woodland.  Turn 'phone sideways for fuller view.

Posted: 29th April 2020
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