Autumn Sermons from St Stephen's

October 14th - November 25th 2018 including Remembrance Day Sermon.

Sermon by rev Debbie Pow on 14th October 2018
Healing from the snare of wealth

Download 14th Oct 2018 Debbie (1).mp3

Sermon by Rector Philip hawthorn on 21 october 2018
Making Jesus the object of our worship

Download 21 Oct 2018 Philip.mp3 Kiss of the passion.mp3

Sermon by Rev debbie pow on 28th october 2018
If you could ask something of jesus what would it be?

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SERMON BY Rev DEBBIE POW ON 4th November 2018
Considering the saints

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Remembrance day sermon by rev sarah bird
Preached on the subject of Remembrance at St Stephen's on 11th November 2018

Download Remembrance 18 Rev Sarah Bird.mp3

sermon by rector philip hawthorn on 25th November 2018

The music of the kingdom

Download 25th Nov 18 PH.mp3

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