Advent Windows - New Initiative: November 20

Advent Windows: Exciting New Initiative for 2020

Advent Windows: Exciting New Initiative for 2020

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 will be different. At St Stephen’s and St Mary’s we are excited to introduce our Advent Windows projects at Ensleigh and Lansdown as two wonderful new events for this year. We hope you will share our excitement and take part.

We’re looking for 24 window-holders for each of the projects, either in Ensleigh or in Lansdown, who will each host an Advent Window – a window design that’s lit for others to see. Each day a new one appears until all 24 are lit on Christmas Eve, like an advent calendar. The window can be of any design so long as it’s Christmassy.

We will produce a map of each area to help people follow the trail around them as they open. We hope that, despite social distancing, it will be a fun, community enhancing project.

Interested in hosting a window? ​​​​​​​ Further information below.

Interested in hosting a window?

Interested in hosting a window?

There are only a few requirements:

• Your home needs to be either on the Ensleigh development or very close to it, or in Lansdown

• Your window can be upstairs or down, but should be clearly visible from the street so people aren’t encouraged onto your property.

• You will need to commit to your window being lit from 4.00pm until 10.00 pm each day from your day until Sunday 3rd January. (Tip: use a timer plug to time your illumination, even if you’re out)

Want to participate or know more? See below.

want to participate or know more?

want to participate or know more?

The location of your home will appear on a map with its day number. No personal details will be published. By participating you consent to your location being published.

The window design is up to you, the host, and can be simple or more complex and creative. It just needs to be Christmassy! Search ‘Advent Windows’ online for inspiration.

For Ensleigh please contact Revd Debbie Pow – or for Lansdown Revd Philip Hawthorn – via St Stephen’s Church Office 01225 420946 to find out more or register your interest. Please contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you would like to take part. 

Thank you! 

Posted: 5th November 2020
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