Electoral Roll

What is the Electoral Roll?

The Electoral Roll of a Church is the Church’s register of worshippers. 

Why join the Electoral Roll?

Joining the electoral roll is an important way of confirming your commitment to St Stephen’s community and to the vision of the church. But it also opens up the way for greater involvement in the life of the Church of England, at Deanery, Diocesan and national levels. By joining, you become entitled to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, stand for election to the PCC and become a sidesman or sideswoman.  

Every 6 years it has to be re-written to make sure it is fully up to date and represents the current congregation.

2019 is one of those years when we now have to form our new roll and the current one will be destroyed. 

So if you would like to be on the Electoral Roll, and we hope you will, please click on the link below this paragraph to read the Privacy Notice; after reading this please print off and complete the Application Form accessible through the lower link. Then scan the completed form and e-mail the form back to our Church office:  office@ststephensbath.org.uk  

Even if you know you are on our current roll, you still have to fill in a form as this year your name isn’t carried forward from the old one. We start a new roll completely from scratch.

The deadline for applications is 16th March, 2019 and the new roll will come into operation on 29th March, 2019 and be presented to the Church at our APCM on April 13th, 2019.

Electoral Role Privacy Notice

find privacy notice here

Electoral Role Application Form 2019

find application here