at Saint Stephen's Church

Claire Vanni became Safeguarding officer at St. Stephen’s Church in 2015.  Pam Cavallini is now assisting Claire.

Claire Vanni

I first joined the St. Stephen's community as a child back in the early 1980s when my parents moved to Bath. We received a warm welcome and very quickly settled into, and became active members of the church community.

After living abroad, my husband and I decided to settle back in Bath. It was an opportunity for me to rediscover the wonderful community at St. Stephen’s, and I immediately recognised lots of old faces and felt a great sense of belonging – it was good to be back!

Along with Safeguarding, I lead one of the children's groups on a Sunday and I have recently become a member of the PCC. St. Stephen’s for me is a wonderfully inclusive community that has great links with St. Stephen’s School which my children attend, and is a family that my family love being a part of.

Concerns about safeguarding

Should you have any queries or concerns relating to Safeguarding or would like to volunteer for a role at St. Stephen’s please do contact us at:

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