Giving time and skill

St Stephen’s is a Christian community made up of families and individuals from all walks of life. Our corporate life and Christian witness together is only possible through the active generosity of people in sharing their time, skill and resources. God gives us all a role in Christian ministry.

Please consider

  • Ministry of Prayer – joining a mid-week prayer group
  • Ministry of Worship – joining the rota to read the Old Testament reading or lead intercessions at Sunday services
  • Ministry of Welcome – joining our Sunday team of welcomers or sidespeople, helping to clean the church on Saturdays, or training as a bell-ringer
  • Ministry of Care – joining our pastoral visiting team or training as a volunteer at the RUH Chaplaincy
  • Ministry of Music – singing in the choir or playing an instrument
  • Ministry with Children – joining our team of children’s group leaders, youth leaders, or school governors (all require CRB clearance)
  • Ministry of Communication – helping write and distribute Parish News, our free magazine that goes to 2500 local homes four times a year
  • Ministry of Skills – be it flower arranging, helping maintain the building, helping the Finance Team, reading to children at our Church School
  • Ministry of Fun – joining the Social Events Team that organises concerts, parish suppers, summer trips and Christmas and Easter Fairs

To get involved, contact Gabriela at the Church Office.

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